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Women & Mens Packing list for a one-week Caribbean cruise

FEMALE packing list for a one-week Caribbean cruise: Large Purse: cruise documents, passport, credit cards, money Tote bag: make-up, toiletries, jewelry, trashy novels, Game Boy Sandals, shorts, blouse (suitcases will normally arrive in your Hours after you've boarded), medication, extra reading glasses

Daytime aboard ship/in port
____ four pairs of shorts
____ six T-shirts or polo shirts
____ casual cotton dress
____ two pairs of slacks
____ sneakers/athletic shoes
____ sandals
____ baseball cap
____ beach tote
____ straw tote bag
____ small casual purse 
____ light jacket
____ bathing suit/cover-up

Casual/Informal Evenings
____ High-heeled sandals
____ casual dress
____ black pants
____ two dressy blouses 

Two Formal Nights
____ short black dress
____ long white silk tunic
____ long black silk skirt
____ black camisole
____ chiffon scarfs
____ black high heels
____ evening bag

____ camera/film
____ three nightgowns
____ hair dryer (when cruising Carnival and Royal Caribbean)
____ toiletries
____ make-up
____ make-up mirror
____ reading light
____ ear plugs 
____ travel alarm clock
____ Wrinkle-Free (spray-on foam to eliminate wrinkles)
____ stain remover
____ Woolite packs (hand wash)
____ teddy bears who haven't cruised yet (optional)

** Also take around $20 in single bills for tipping; 
   business cards; important phone number of friends/business 
   colleagues back home; a copy of your passport and credit cards 
   in case they're stolen or forgotten. 

MALE Packing List for a 7 day  Caribbean cruise...

-1 Bathing Suits
-4 pairs of  walking shorts
-4 Sport Shirts 
-4 T-shirts
-2 Dress shirts
-3 pairs casual slacks (docker style)
-2 pairs of dress slacks
-1 sport jacket
-1 suit ( or tux/dinner jacket)
-2 ties
-10 pieces of underwear (call them pieces, because like most men, 
    that's the condition they're in)
-8 pairs of socks.
-1 baseball caps
-1 casual rain jacket, or sweater and umbrella
-1 pair black shoes, 1 pair brown shoes, 1 pair sandals or aqua socks, 
    1 pair walking shoes
- video camera (so you can more great shots of your feet when you forget 
    to turn it off) with extra battery and tape
- still or digital camera  and film
- folded sports bag 
Sundry items:
Shaving kit, toothbrush/ toothpaste (extra teeth for those with 
    portable ones), deodorant, sun block, sun burn gel, sunglasses, 
    extra pair of regular glasses, Band-Aids, bonine ( in cases of 
    motion sickness), water proof fanny pack and any prescription 
    medication you may need at the time

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