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Advantages to Using our Web Page

Our vacation staff includes professional travel counselors with worldwide travel experience. You can count on them to help with your vacation plans and take care of all arrangements quickly and efficiently.
Our strength of over 2,000 independent agencies forming a tight "Network" will provide the cost cutting clout needed to find a price that will fit your budget; yet being locally owned and operated we provide that special attention needed for you, our valued client.

Our Web Page, it makes cents: WWW.Vacationshop.com
From our web page you can check and book flights, cars and hotels. If you decide to make a reservation it will come directly into our office reservation system. During our regular business hours the agents will review and make sure the reservation you have made for you is of the best value. By doing this you have until Monday 12:00 noon to decide if you need the ticket. Airlines or other web pages will not do that!
Our web page is also an excellent source for your travel needs. We have over 5,000 links of information that is useful to the domestic and international traveler. This is all organized so that you will not need to spend a lot of time searching and sorting through those millions of pages that give you little information and waste your precious time.
Useful travel columns and many pages on how to and why should help you become a well-informed traveler.
We most likely have a travel expert that has been there.

Our Travel Experts
Most likely one of our agents has been there. Now wouldn't you rather talk to some one who knows about it, or can go get one of our agents that knows first hand about your destination or cruise ship?
People think that agents travel all the time. Well most do, but not the way you travel. An agent will look at the airport to see how easy it is to get around, where are the car rentals, how easy is it to find the transfers, what pitfalls can their clients get into. They spend most of their days looking at the hotels. Finding out what sites to see and what would be the best value. This all has to be done fairly quickly because tomorrow they will be off to another city or destination to do this again.
Remember, you are the only one who should decide what you want in a vacation package, cruise or tour; however, with a myriad of alternatives in destinations, prices, levels of service and facilities, you need the assistance of a travel agent to help select the package or tour that's right for you. An experienced travel professional can advise you impartially on what is best suited to your requirements and recommend the programs from which you can make a selection with confidence.
Agents are travel information experts, eminently qualified to pinpoint your dreams, present your choices, and help pick the package that's best for you.

Our on-line air reservation system
Our system is supported by Amadeus reservation and ticketing system. Amadeus is one of the largest reservation systems in the world. It provides DIRECT ACCESS into more domestic and international airline inventory than any other reservation system. Provides costs and confirmations for airlines, hotels, car rental companies.
Most online booking systems are either wholly or partially owned by an airline. Now doesn't it make better sense to have an unbiased system looking at ALL the airlines? Do you think the airline is going to tell you that another airline has a better price into that city? Or that another route could save you money, or how about another day?
Did you know that there are over 15,000 airfare changes per day? Doesn't it make sense to have the best system out there?

Hotel corporate discount program
Taking advantage of hotel Corporate Rates can save money. We will always request those Special Rates at hotels where we have negotiated corporate discounts.
Our Corporate Rate Hotel Program features over 11,000 U.S. and International Hotels. Virtually every major hotel chain and independent hotel in key cities worldwide participates. Every hotel has a commitment to give us the best accommodations and amenities at the lowest possible price.

Car program
Cars can be one of the biggest expenses when traveling. Why not let our agents sort through those "upgrades" and special discount numbers to make sure they're not another travel scam.
We have offers discounts with several national companies that could save you even more.

Remember: If you think it's too good to be true then it probably is.
Why take chances on something you look forward to all year?

Check out all the information we have in our Travel Columns
Would you like to check out a flights availability and price?
There is no obligation, but you have the flexablity of working with a Travel Agency and a real person.
We will make sure you have the best travel value, not for us but for you our valued client.
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