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Special Cruise Discounts

Cruise pricing is complicated.  There can be a dozen different catagorys of cabins, each with its own price, on a given ship.  Availability greatly affects the price.  If a sailing is not selling well, prices will be less; if it is selling well, prices will be closer to brochure price as the sailing date nears.  This is why it usually pays to book early.  We will always strive to get you the lowest price for the type of accommodations you want.  However, if you don' t know what you want, and many people don't, tell us what your budget is.  This will allow us to help you make a wise choice.

Most cruise lines have early booking discounts.  Get the biggest discount by booking at least 6 months in advance of departure date.

Generally, a small deposit is required at the time you book the cruise, usually $250 per person. Final payments are usually due 60 to 75 days before departure. Each cruise line makes its own rules, so this may not always be true, but it is in most cases.  If you prefer a payment plan, that may be arranged through our agency.

Payments may be made with any major credit card or a personal check. Credit card payments are processed directly by the cruise line, they do not accept personal checks.  Our agency will, however, accept your check.  The day following the payment being made, we will send out a receipt to you confirming the booking.

Trip Insurance
We also offer Trip Insurance at an additional cost.  The coverages may vary, but the primary purpose is to protect your investment in case you, your traveling companion or a family member suffers an injury, sickness or death, forcing you to cancel the cruise.  It may also cover cancellations if your home is made uninhabitable by a natural disaster, or you or your traveling companion are directly involved in a traffic accident while enroute to departure.  It also covers a variety of other potential problems, such as trip interruption, trip delay, baggage protection, medical protection and emergency assistance.

All cruise lines impose cancellation penalties as the departure dates nears.  Again, they set their own rules, so the time periods and amounts may vary, but generally the penalties begin 60 days from departure.  If you have purchased the insurance, and the insurance company determines your reason for cancelling is covered by the policy, their will be no cancellation penalty.

The following example illustrates typical penalties:
Within 59 - 30 days of departure - $250 per person
Within 29 - 7 days of departure - 50% of price
Within 1 week of departure Non-Refundable

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