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Panama Canal Information & Discount Cruise Prices

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Panama Canal Information
When it opened in 1914, the Panama Canal was considered an amazing feat of engineering acclaimed the world over as one of mankind's greatest triumphs. It has stood the test of time.

Today, it is held in awe as one of the wonders of the modern world--a place of serene natural beauty as well as political and commercial importance.

Before the dream of a Pacific-Atlantic canal could be realized, a nine-mile trough was blasted through the Continental Divide, a river was dammed to created one of the world's largest man-made lakes, and massive locks were engineered and built. The cost was $387 million and thousands of lives.

To experience a Panama Canal passage is one of life's great travel adventures. Cruise ship itineraries include fascinating ports in Mexico, the Caribbean, South America and more.

Sail for 10 or 11 days between Acapulco and San Juan for the full transit on Classic Panama Canal cruises. For the convenience of cruising roundtrip from Florida, choose our 10-day Roundtrip Panama Canal itinerary. More time? We offer a wealth of cruises from 10 to 28 days.

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