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Mexico & Costa Rica Information & Discount Cruise Prices

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Mexican Riviera to the Panama Canal

Things get spicier south of the border. Cruises to the Riviera let you sample all the flavors of Mexico. At the tip of the Baja peninsula, Cabo San Lucas greets you with a warm bienvenida and breathtaking natural beauty. Cabo is literally at landís end, where the calm Sea of Cortes swirls into the thundering Pacific. From the sands of Playa del Amor, youíll have an incredible view of Los Arcos, famous rock arches that soar above whitecaps and a rainbow of fish. Take a glass-bottom boat ride, the best seats in the house for natureís impressive show above and below the water.

If you prefer a different kind of scenery, donít miss the Handicrafts Market where you can shop for serapes and sombreros or pose for a photo with a friendly iguana. Warm beaches and the mountains circling Banderas Bay keep the outlook sunny in Puerto Vallarta. All the houses are painted white (itís the tradition and the law), and the streets are filled with cobblestone charm. Wander through Old Townís countless shops and stop to admire the ornate Church of Our Lady of Guadeloupe.

Follow the wooden bridges over Rio Cuale to Playa de los Merton, where you can watch the parasailers., rent a windsurfer or go fly a kite. On the beach, vendors sell everything from lace table cloths to grilled fish on a stick, the Mexican equivalent of a Coney Island hot dog. Wherever you explore, youíll be greeted by the warm smiles and colorful culture that make Mexico so unforgettable.

Acapulco, Mexico
Vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches and world-famous cliff divers highlight this mountain-ringed city.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Landís end, where the sparking Pacific meets the shining Gulf of Mexico.

Caldera, Costa Rica
Orchids blooming year-round and two active volcanoes are all in nearby San Jose province.

Cozumel, Mexico
This laid-back favorite has tranquil beaches and crystal clear waters for diving and snorkeling.

Mazatlan, Mexico
A sportsmanís (and sports-womanís) dream known for world class fishing, golf and tennis.

Puerto Vallarta
Although an international resort, this city nestled in the Bay of Flags still maintains its small town charm. The lovely cobblestone streets invite a leisurely afternoon stroll.

Panama Canal
Fifty miles long and rising 85 feet through two lanes of locks, it is one of the worldís modern wonders.

San Blas Islands, Panama
Brilliant applique embroidery known as molas are strung between thatched huts on tiny atolls to create an unforgettable open air market.

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