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Advice & Helpful Travel Columns

  How to stuff a carry-on
Packing light and smart can save on baggage fees and travel hassles
  Passports are only one issue at U.S. borders
What many forget is that travel among Western Hemisphere countries even now is not without its complications.
  About bankrupt airlines and your mileage
10 biggest air carriers in bankruptcy, business and leisure travelers have every reason to wonder whether their plans will be affected
  Your Rights with Bankrupt Airlines
The last time there was an airline bankruptcy, some airlines failed to follow the obligations imposed on them by the Aviation and Transportation Security Act of 2001
  Help to Pack in Warm Weather Resorts or Cruises
This list is suitable for teens and adults for a warm weather cruise and resort stay
  Packing the well packed bag
Careful planing is the foundation ofan efficiently packed bag
  The pros still know the best airfare buys
Travel will never be the same. It will require more patience and flexibility.
  Underwhelming 'Travel Tips' For Seniors
The Federal government has published a list of "Travel Tips for Older Americans" who venture outside the United States
  10 Tips for Seniors
Here are the 10 travel rules that have worked for some.
  AARP Travel Deals: Hotels, But Not Much Else
While AARP's other travel benefits are meager, that hotel program is good enough to justify easily the modest $8 annual cost of AARP membership. But then again, Travel agents are bombarded with a steady stream of promotional prices with much deeper cuts
  When Your Home Is Alone
You really cannot take anything for granted when you leave your home alone
  Six Tips Toward Keeping Your Identity To Yourself
Stolen wallets or cars are major annoyances, but a stolen identity can be much worse.
  Dollars and Sense: Managing your money when traveling abroad
With so many options, finding the best way to manage money while traveling abroad can be complicated and confusing.
  FAQ on Travel Insurance
What you need to know about travel insurance: what it is and what it covers.
  What you need to know about your child traveling alone
Plane, train or bus? Which airline? What destination? All these questions affect both the procedure and the fee for unaccompanied children.
  What you need to know about One Parent Traveling with Children
The US Immigration & Naturalization Service has begun cracking down on single adults departing the United States with children
Tips and Ideas for Familys
Some Tips and Ideas to help make that family trip a happy memory
  Taking Your Pet on the Plane
Air travel for animals can be tricky and dangerous business, so it is important to know what the law, the airlines and veterinarians recommend.
  Eurail Pass
What you should know before you go
  Laptop Advice Traveling Abroad
Practice safe connection on the road
  Experts' tips on tipping
To tip or not to tip? And whom? And how much?
  Tipping Abroad
Tips on Tipping Abroad
  Good travel agents are an endangered species
"Travel agents - particularly good ones - are under threat of becoming an endangered species"
  Internet or Good Travel Agent?
It is prudent to enlist the aid of a travel agent
  New National Geographic magazine ranks 25 greatest adventures
Some of these are pretty off the wall, but maybe
  The top 20 theme parks in North America in 2000
Ranked by attendance, along with their percentage change from last year, as estimated by the trade publication Amusement Business.
  Six Rules of the Road
Six things to remember before you travel
  How to Resolve Disputes on the Road
Don't allow your trip to be marred by trivial quarrels with travel service providers.

Warnings & Scam Travel Columns

  FAQ Travel Scams
If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Here's how to avoid being taken for a ride.
  Don’t Get Scammed: Some Helpful Hints
Scammed!!! Travel Con Artists Are out in Force--Here’s How to Foil ‘Em
  Traveler's Advisory: Get What You Pay For
To help you avoid unpleasant and costly surprises, the Federal Trade Commission offers these tips
  Travel Fraud * Recent crackdowns remind consumers to check companies' credentials
The certificate for a not-quite-free promotional vacation. The spring break package. The special offer, available only if you act now.
  Shopping online for bargain air fares?
It pays to have patience - and the phone number of a good travel agent.
  The best and worst aspect about Internet travel auctions
You should read this before you try an auction.

Cruise Travel Columns

Travel Agents can help with cruise decisions
Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. Like everything else in life, planning a cruise vacation requires consumers to make lots of decisions.
South American Cruises are Hot
Where are cruisers heading this season? South America.
Eight Reasons to Cruise this Summer
Why not a Family or getaway Cruise this Summer
Cruising for Answers to a couple of big Questions
If you troll the many Web sites and online news groups dedicated to cruising, you'll find a constant flow of new cruisers asking the same questions. Here are the answers in three categories:
Why Cruise
So Easy. So much Value. So much FUN!
  Why youngsters love to sail
Looking for a family vacation that's guaranteed to be enjoyed by all ages?
Types of Ships and Cruise Line Operators
A little information to help pick the right ship for you.
  First Time Cruiser
Taking a Cruise.
  How to Get a Best Deal on a Cruise
Some ideas to help you become a more informed traveler.
  Information on How to Choose-a-Cruise
Most people pick a cruise based mainly on where the ship is going and how much it costs.
  Information on How to Choose-a-Cabin
Some other things to consider when deciding what kind of cabin is right for you.
  What Happens when Boarding the Ship
You've selected your ship and are heading to the pier, What next.
  All About The Art of Shipboard Dining
Dining on cruise ships is truly a social experience.
  Cruise Ship Dress Codes
Some people really stress out about the fact that cruise ships have dress codes at night, but you really don't have to.
  All About Cruise Honeymoons
You want your honeymoon to be a dream vacation
  Women & Mens Packing list
For a one-week Caribbean Cruise
  Honest Answers to Silly Questions
These are the questions you need to see in the privacy of your computer
  All About Shipboard Spas
Know before you go to get the most out of your cruise
  Cruise Standard of Expectations
It does seem that this would be a good time for those who enjoy and care about cruising to define what anyone taking a cruise should reasonably expect.
  Cruise Survey 1999
2000 will be coming soon, have Patience
  Cruise Ship Terminology
Learn a little before you go so it looks like you cruised before

Air Travel Columns

  Do you need Baggage Insurance?
Q: My credit card offers additional baggage coverage when I use it to book airline tickets. Do I need it?
  Explanation of Airlines & Airline Lingo
The airline industry is a maze of rules and regulations
A Consumer Guide to Air Travel
  Know your Air Travel rights, FAQ
Each year, Americans spend billions of dollars on traveling. Know your rights when traveling by plane: fares, tickets, frequent flyer miles and baggage.
  What you should know when buying a Consolidator Ticket
It can save you a lot of money but there are some draw backs.
  Ubiquitous surcharges fuel outrage
"What's next? A food surcharge? Maintenance surcharge? How about a fee to clean the airplane between flights?"
  Looking at Frequent-Flier Mileage
Frequent-flier mileage will expire if I don't do something with it before the deadline date.
  Senior Coupons: Sometimes Cheaper, Always More Flexible
Senior coupons are one of the longest-standing airfare deals for seniors, available for travelers 62 or older.
  Dealing With Lost Luggage
The nation's airlines still manage to lose 36,000 pieces a year
  Hidden Fees
Surcharges quietly boost the cost of travel

Car & Hotel & other Accommodations Travel Columns

  When renting a car
Do I say? "No. I don't want any insurance for my car."
  Hidden fees with car rentals
Be sure to ask about extra charges and taxes
  Don't be driven into extra fees for rentals
We have seen recent reports that at least some car-rental agents are up to their old sleazy pressure tactics. And even if there's no pressure or deception involved, what you actually pay for a rental car will usually be a lot more than the highlighted price.
  FAQ on Rental Cars
Whether on business or vacation, you may need to rent a car for at least part of your trip. Here are your basic rights as a renter.
  Hotels and Other Accommodations FAQ
Answers to frequently asked questions about dealing with hotels when trouble arises.
  Before You Book A Room
If you follow these suggestions before bedding down at a hotel, you may be able to sleep a little easier.
  How to Servive a Fire
What you should know from when you check in to the Fire Alarm

Health Travel Columns

  MedAire Releases Health Tips for Flying
Ten Medical recommendations from MedAire called upon the expertise of its board-certified emergency physicians for for the following health tips.
  Jet Lag
Learn what causes jetlag and how to avoid it.
  Travel - Doctors, airlines warn of blood clot risk
Fatal cases of so-called traveler's thrombosis are very rare physicians stress. For every victim, there are a million other long-haul passengers who arrive safely.
  Colds, flu are among airlines' hidden cargo
There are several things travelers can do to protect themselves
  Staying Healthy While Vacationing:
Avoiding Montezuma and All His Wrath,
  Three experts provide 12 ergonomic tips for travelers
Are you feeling crabby or comfy?
  Disabled travelers need plenty of answers in advance
If you are in a wheelchair, use a cane or have any sort of disability you should read this
  Traveling with oxygen - Planning is the key
Most of us take for granted the air we breathe

Almost Everybody needs a Funny

  In-flight safety lecture
Occasionally, airline attendants make an effort to make the "in-flight safety lecture" and their other announcements a bit more entertaining.

Seasonal Travel Columns

Why use a Travel Agent
Tips on: Free inflight call's, Bali in the 2000's, Hotel tip, Low fare, Car Rental
Stay Healthy & Safe on your upcoming Cruise.
Romance on the slopes, Luxury on the strip, Luggage size
Which tour is right for your.
So how do you avoid being disappointed with a travel purchase?
Independent tours, The budget priced tour, The first class tour, The deluxe tour.
Recommendations and Plane travel problems
Passport information for travel.
Canadian Rockies, New York for parents, and Allow extra time at the airport
Summer Family Travel, Whale watching cruises,
FAA security upgrade, Duty free tip, Recovering a stolen laptop
Alaska for families
Alaska Shore Excursions or things to do in Alaska
Car Rentals, Passenger bill of rights, Alaska for families
Check in Early, Weekends in Toronto, Alaskan Lodge, Pleasure in London
Disney without Kids, Beating travel stress, What to do in Washington DC
Traveling with Children
Ski Vacations, first time in Winter Park,
Business or Pleasure, Eurail Prices,
Holiday Travel, Taking a cruise, Tips from the pros.

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