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Picking a Spa
What to Wear, How to Pack
Spa Savvy - Tips for the First-timer
All About Cruise Ship Spas

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  Travel - Doctors, airlines warn of blood clot risk
Fatal cases of so-called traveler's thrombosis are very rare physicians stress. For every victim, there are a million other long-haul passengers who arrive safely.
  Colds, flu are among airlines' hidden cargo
There are several things travelers can do to protect themselves
  Staying Healthy While Vacationing:
Avoiding Montezuma and All His Wrath,
  Three experts provide 12 ergonomic tips for travelers
Are you feeling crabby or comfy?
  Disabled travelers need plenty of answers in advance
If you are in a wheelchair, use a cane or have any sort of disability you should read this
  Traveling with oxygen - Planning is the key
Most of us take for granted the air we breathe

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