Our 40th Reunion July 10th 2004 in Monroe at Eagles Park

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101 Lucile, Ted, Jeanne

112 Nancy, Dena, Judy

102 Dena, Kathy

103 Roger, Judy, Pete, Ron, Ted, Cleone, Mike D

104 Burt, Wes

105 Bob, Roger, Burt, Wes

106 Kathy, Pat, Sue, Jackie, Jan, Don, Suzanne, Joe, Sally

107 ?, Steve (Pat's husband), Vern, Kathy (Vic's wife), Pat, Sue

108 Sue, Bill, Joch, Jackie, Roger

109 Jean Ann, Suzanne, Lucile, Ted, Sandi, Mike, Don, Kathy

110 Jeanne, Gerry Ramey, Nancy Ramey (Nasman)

111 Wes, Bob Felix, Carol, Pete

113 Mike and his daughter Stephany

114 Mike, Pete, Bob, Carol

115 Crawfords family

116 Teddie, Nancy, Susanne, Roger, Judy, Bill, John, Roger, Mryna, Cindy Schuler, Denny

117 Tillie, Don, Nancy, Sally West

118 Same but with Tillie looking at the camara

119 Ramey, Ron, Judy, Janice Patti, Jeanne, Mryna

120 Denny, Roger, Skip Drew, Don, Mike

121 Roger, Mike, Dan, Gene, Mike

122 Carol, Ted, Carolyn Donovan, Janice, Bob, Jeanne, Arlene Berry

123 Mike, Jan, ?, Bob Felix, Bob Hagel, Sue, Arlene Berrry

124 Bob, ?, Sue, Arlene, Susanne, Duane

125 Lucile, Jan, Denny, Bob

126 Dena, Steve, Pat, Mike

127 Jim, Joel, Denny, Mike, Mike, Sue

128 Joel, Jim, Denny, Mike

129 Vic, John, Mryna

130 John Haberman, Kathy

131 Patti, Lowell

132 Alvin, Ginger Dennis, Mike, Jim, Carol, Bob

133 Jack, Mike, Alvin

134 Joel, Pete

135 Jean Ann, Joan Crawford, Richard Toyer, Rick Webber, Mike

136 Roger, Jack, Mike, Alvin

137 Burt, Barbara Engstrom

138 Mike, Jim, Suzanne, Sue, Carol, Jeanne, Pat

139 Bob and Carol

140 Mike, Ted, Dan, Pete, Steve, Jan, Alvin, Pat

141 Steve, Jan, Pat, Jim, Roger, Dennis

142 Roger, Dennis, Nels

143 I think it's Phil Johnson

144 Suzanne, Mryna, Mike, John, Mike, Cindy Schuler, Denny, Carol, Joel

145 Carol, Jack, Jeanne, Judy, Kathy, Lowell,

146 Ron, Jack, Vern, Kathy

147 Mike, Jim,Roger

148 Same classmates only this time with smiles

149 Joel, Colleen Carlson

150 Same but Colleen thinks its a better picture

151 Gilda, Wes, Judy, Mike

152 Jackie, Mike, Sue

153 Duane, Colleen, Judy, Roger, Patti, Sue

154 Carol, Jackie, Jeanne, Dena

156 Gilda, Susanne, Bob, Duane, Patti

157 Jan, Pat, Gilda

158 Mike, Ted, Dan, Pete

159 Susanne, Ted, Kathy, Don, Sandi

160 Jean Ann, Judy, Roger, Nels, Leona Anderson, Cindy, Denny, Vern

161 Susanne, Mike, Stephany

162 Pete, Roger, Susanne, Jeanne, Judy, Roger, John, Jean Ann

164 Colleen, Mike, Pete

165 Jim, Sandi, Kathy, Roger, Don

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