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Mr Sorano's 4th grade class (Picture #1)

Back Row Left to Right
Kathy Borlin, David Asper, Carol Borlin, Bob Bock, Mike Crawford, Fred Bosch, Mike Carlson, Kristina Bros, Mryna Ingaham, Kathy Brown, Mike Donovan,Valara Clark
Middle Row
Kurt Biderbost, Nels Anderson, Nancy Countryman, Jackie Burch, Sue Bennet, Jeanne Cook, Camille Andrews, Pat Winstead, Ted Both
Front Row
John Briggs, Doug Barten, Roger Creswell, Joe Bonga, Lowell Braaten, Mike Dennis
Class at Central (Picture #2)

3rd or 4th grade (Picture #3)

3rd (Back) Row)
1-David Willet 2-Georgia Van Natta 3-Sue Smith 4-Dan Weaver 5-Tony VanHulle 6-Suzanne Neisinger 7-LeAnne Meldahl 8-Jean Ann More
2nd Row
1-Larry Waller 2- Verlinde, 3-Denny Schular 4-Roger Ohlsen 5-Roger Wilcoxen 6-Kathy Trombley 7-Gloria Zerger 8-Judy Stephan 9-??
Front Row
1-?? 2-Linda Merrit 3-?? 4-Wes Thorp 5-?? 6-Stuart Cedargreen 7-Tom Early
1st Grade (Picture #4)

Bluebird Group Dorthy Dwyer (Picture #5)

Back Row
1-Carol Borlin 2-Connie Dwyer 3-Suzanne Neisinger 4-Janet ?? 5-Kathy Borlin Front Row
1-Nancy Countryman 2-Margret Kriegel
1st Grade (Picture #6)

4th (Back) Row)
1-Janice Keck 2-Bill Faussett 3-Dick Davis 4-Ted Both 5-?? 6-Mike Crawford 7-David Asper 8- ??
3rd Row
1-Roger Creswell 2-Jeanne Cook 3-Connie Dwyer 4-Carol Knox 5-Carol Borlin 6-Kathy Borlin 7- ?? 8-Mike Carlson
2nd Row
1-Kristina Broz 2-Lowell Braaten 3-Mike Donovan 4- ?? 5- ?? 6-Camele Andrews 7-Jerry Lorenz
1st (Front Row)
1-Bob Hagel 2-Jeff Dennis 3-Gardell Johnson 4-Patty Hunt 5-Margaret Kriegel 6-Jackie Burch 7-Nels Anderson
Bluebird Group (Picture #7)

Back Row
1-Sue Smith 2-Sue Bennett 3-Valera Clark Middle Row
1-Carol Borlin 2-Connie Dywer 3-Sue Neisinger 4-Janet ?? 5-Kathy Borlin Front Row
1-Nancy Countryman 2-Margret Kriegel 3-Kristina Broz 4-Kathy Trombley
Cranberry Lake 7th Grade Camp (Picture #8)

John, Mike, Diane, Janice, Dorthy Dwyer, Nels, Donald
Kindergarten - Was it Mrs. Nickelson's class?(Picture #9)

Back Row (Left to Right)
1 - Dick Davis 2 - Madeline Warburg 3 - Janice Keck Cabe 4 - Carol Knox Felix 5 - Roxy Scott 6 - Sue Smith Walker 7 - Suzanne Neisinger 8 - Camille Andrews Crawford 9 - Mike Carlson
Front Row (Left to Right)
1 - ?? Jerry Bowers 2 - ?? 3 - Denny Schuler 4 - Jeff Dennis 5 - Douglas Salvadelina 6 - Stuart Cedergreen 7 - Darryl Gellert 8 - Roger Creswell 9 - Wes Thorp
(Picture #10)

Roger Wilcoxen, Mike Crawford, Valara Clark, Sue Bennett
Thanks Mr. George (Picture #11)

Sue Bennett & Mike Dennis, Valara Clark & Mike Carlson, Lowell Braaten & Nancy Countryman
Willis George taught us well Please (Picture #12)

7th Grade (Picture #13)

Of course that's John Jensen
7th Grade (Picture #14)

7th Grade Basketball Team (Picture #15)

8th Grade Varsity Team (Picture #16)

7th Grade (Picture #17)

Valera Clark, Helen Hunt, Sue Bennett, Bill Fausett, Gardell Johnson, Mike McCaffery, Dixie Johnson
Eddie Pownell (Picture #18)

Eddie Pownell
Fungus Five(Picture #19)

Dan Weaver, Wes Thorp, Mike Carlson, Marvin Flickner and Joel Engstrom
1964 Baseball Team (Picture #20)

1964 Baseball Team
Evergreen Fair Court (Picture #21)

Pat Winstead, Sandy Melnick and Queen Suzanne Hultgren
Evergreen Fair Court (Picture #22)

Pat Winstead, Sandy Melnick and Queen Suzanne Hultgren
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