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Miss Elizabeth Mortons 2nd Grade Class
Back row: Miss Morton, Don Dennis, Reggy ???, Mark Houser/Wagner Harold Little, Gary Cary, Lee Pownall, Ricky Mauser, Franklin Hewitt, Billy Court, Leonard Pfeifle
Middle row: Don wheeler, Nyal Piper, Joe Munn, Phillip McCaffery, Helen Scott, Sharon Bascom, Geneva Thompson, Ron Hegewald, David Quall, Robert Austin, Kenny Thorp
First row: Sharon Anderson, Sandra McNall, Genevieve Van Natta, Judy Lorenz, Sandra Olson, Kathy Stucky, Sharon King, Dolly Sofie, Lois Enyeart, Sharon Hagel

Miss Hazel Morans 1st grade class
Back Row: Dale Henrickson, David Quall, Frank Hewitt, Nyal Piper, Tommy Thompson, Joe Munn, Peter Nardelli, Bill Court, Donald Dennis
Middle Row: Ron Hegewald, David Jones, Susan Donovan, Janice Hart, Kathryn Stucky, John Finland, Phillip McCaffery, Ricky Mauser, Carmella Stanton
Front Row: Melvin Creswell, Sharon Feller, Judy Lorenz, Helen Scott, Dolly Sophie, Lois Enyeart, Genevieve Van Natta, Leonard Pfeifle, Sandra McNall, Sharon Hagel

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