For those who have attended
Monroe Schools in Monroe Washington

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Every year there is an "All MHS Reunion".
It is held every 3rd Sunday in July at the Lewis Street Park. The time is Noon to whenever but usually around 4:00. You can bring cookies or a snack to share but not needed. You may want to bring some pictures or memorabilia to share. It is open to all classes. It has been usually attended by classes from the 40's and early 50's. Starting this year we want to see if we can get some of us younger grads to attend and keep this going. If you have hit your 25th reunion then believe it or not you are an old grad so we need to start attending.

Do you have anything to add?
If you want your class here send me your annual I will scan it and send it back.
Do you have a photo or a few to add? We need a lot more pictures
Email it to the Mike Carlson class of 1964
If it is an original or on a CD send it to me and I will scan and get it back to you
Mike K Carlson, Class Photos, PO Box 1029, Monroe WA. 98272-4029