Conconully May 2011

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Water level on Saturday morning (May 14th 2011)

After it rained over the weekend this is the water level on Monday Morning. Over the first step

We have a leak
It is a single stream that spreads out just before it drops off the old roofing

Rained heavy all weekend. News said record set in Omak for two days of rain

Need to call the roofer to have him fix it.
Chad has the roofers name. Call Col for more information first.

Filled this up from Sunday night to Monday morning

Under the cabinet next to the range. Ants and looks like mice nest

Behind the range ants coming out of the wall.
Wood chips look like they are from times when drilling in the walls were done.
To big to be from the ants eating the wood. They usually create sawdust not chips.

We sprayed behind Refer, Range and under the cabinets.
We sprayed outside up under the siding
Ants making tracks between wallpaper and wall

All wallpaper was removed and painted

Wanted to stain like rest of the cabin but boards were not nice like the rest of the cabin

Lots of stains and just not nice looking wood

This is where you can get cell phone service.
Have to talk on speaker phone because if you pickup the phone you lose service

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