Conconully Fire August 2015
known as the Okanogan Complex Fire

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Looking from Hwy 17 down towards Brewster and Pateros

Driving up the hill out of Okanagon heading to Conconully

Hills on far side of valley show burned area

Video showing driving out of Okanagon to Conconully
About 6 miles out of Okanagon
It may take a minute or more to load

Fields and Orchards were saved because they were able to turn on the watering system

Video showing the fire damage on road to Conconully

Video showing the fire damage on road to Conconully
About 5 miles from Conconully

The end of the fire just out of the town of Conconully

Randy and Mary Ann Olson's garden

I had to hold Colleen back from robbing the garden

Off the cabin's deck looking towards the dam and the little bit of smoke is left over from the back burn

Yes the lake is out a little ways. May need a four wheeler to get to the water

At the park the old cabin was wrapped up to try and save it incase the fire came through

Looking back towards Shady Pines

Taken from the hill leading out of town

Looking across the cemetary west

The three hills you see across the lake looking south only the one on the left (the small one) burnt

Dust and soot blowing up.
Big winds in the area Saturday and Sunday

Looking at the upper lake on the left and the lower lake on the right South West

Coming into Chelan from Highway 97 on Highway 97 Alternate

Looking up the lake

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